A Project for Better Journalism chapter

The Voice Staff: 2017-2018


Habso Farah

My name is Habso Farah. I am a senior at Burnsville High School. My favorite thing to do is to travel. My favorite place I’ve been is Toronto, Canada because I have a lot of family members there and we went to fun music festivals. My favorite memories come everyday while I sit with my hilarious friends at breakfast. My favorite class at BHS is when I had Mrs.Quirk for ceramics. My future plans are to go to college and be in the business field because I have always wanted to own my own company.


Ellie Inthonepradith

Hey there! My name is Ellie Inthonepradith. My favorite thing to do is play sports. My favorite high school memory would be coming to this school and meeting so many great people. My favorite class at BHS would be my yoga class, it is relaxing and fun.


Samira Hussein

My name is Samira Hussein. I love sleeping, eating, and skincare. My favorite class is AP world history and my favorite memories have been from the school football games. Something that sets me apart from people is my creativity and fashion because I enjoy feeling different.

I signed up for journalism because I enjoy writing about current events and entertaining news. I really like being apart of the newspaper staff because it allows me to write freely. My future plans are leaning between a teacher or pursuing a profession in the medical field. You can find me at the mall shopping at h&m or at sephora. One thing I’m looking forward to this year is making new friends and joining clubs I wouldn’t usually choose. My favorite place to eat is at b-dubs and you should follow my insta: s.s.hussein


Maddie Pittorf

Hi my name is Maddie Pittorf and I am a senior at BHS. My favorite high school memory was being a part of Milleas Munchkins. I enjoy hanging out with friends in my spare time, and I also enjoy dancing. My favorite class at burnsville was ceramics with Mrs. Quirk. In my future I plan to live a successful life.


Mari Belina

Hi I’m Mari Belina and I’m a senior here. I like to take pictures and drink coffee. My favorite highschool memory is when my friend Alea (yearbook senior editor) knocked down Mr. Hubers TV monitor in physics class on the first day of second semester. My favorite class is psychology because Milly is the teacher and he is how I get my sass out for the day. For college I’m going to the University of South AL to get out of freezing cold MN. That’s about all you need to know about me.


Madi Drummer

Hey my name is Madi Drummer, I’m a senior and my favorite thing to do is hangout with my friends and do crafts. My favorite high school memories include all the fun/happy memories I have made with my friends over the years. My favorite class at BHS is Spanish 5 because I love the people in my class and I get to speak Spanish for an hour which is neat. My future plans include attending University of Colorado-Boulder (if I get accepted) to study Astronomy and getting a job at NASA.


Lizzy Cummings

My name is Lizzy Cummings. I am a senior at Burnsville High School and I am trying to make the most of what I have left here. My favorite thing to do is to be outdoors and hang out with friends. One of my favorite memories from BHS is prom junior year, I had the best time dancing with my favorite pals. AP psychology has been my favorite class so far this year. Although it’s a lot of work, it’s a really interesting class. I plan to attend college next year but still in the process of deciding where. I am not sure what I want to do for a job, but hopefully something with helping people that has a positive impact on the world. I took journalism because I have always loved and excelled at writing and I’m excited for this semester.

Chief Editor

Jake Beeson

Hi, I’m Jake Beeson! I am Burnsville Voice’s chief editor, covering national/international news, sports and spotlight. My favorite thing to do is watch sports and watch more sports, let alone play them. My favorite memory of BHS is when I met Ms. Millea for the first time! My favorite classes are Journalism and Band. It is my dream job to run a front office of a major professional sports team. I will be majoring in Sports Management with a minor in Communication Studies at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio


Jackson Yoerg

My name is Jackson Yoerg. I am a senior at Burnsville high school and I’m very ready to graduate. I am interested in theater, and interior design. I am currently taking public speaking which is my most difficult class yet the most rewarding. Speaking in front of others is the absolute worst, but m getting used to it and that makes me extremely happy. My favorite class I’ve taken at Burnsville high school would have to be creative writing because it was super cool to be able to write full stories on wired prompts that our teacher gave us. One unique thing about me is that i’m vegetarian.

I signed up for journalism because I have always enjoyed writing fictional stories, so I thought it would be good for me to write nonfictional stories. I like being on the newspaper staff because I have a blast writing and editing stories that are currently happening around me. In the future I can see myself taking on journalism for the rest of my life, but if that doesn’t work out I would like to take on interior design.


Sofia Versalles-Duffert

My name is Sofia Versalles-Duffert, and I am a writer on The Voice and have been a writer on it for two years. My interests include theatre, choir, and knitting on occasion. My favorite class is a tie between Concert Choir and Bel Canto. Something unique about me is that I’m allergic to pineapple. It just so happens that my favorite fruit is pineapple.

I signed up for journalism because I thoroughly enjoy writing. The thing I enjoy most about newspaper is the freedom we are allowed in the class. My future plans are to go to cosmetology school and go to casting calls for musicals.


Jessica Spies

Hi! I am Jessica Spies and I’m a tenth grader at BHS. I love photography, writing, and helping backstage with the BHS Theatre Guild. My favorite class is a tie between journalism and beginning guitar. My best memory at BHS is helping out with Les Miserables because it had such an amazing cast/crew and I met most of my best friends there.

I signed up for journalism because I love to write about random topics and love photography. I love the environment and all the fun people in journalism, (which is my favorite thing about the class). My future plans are to go to community college for a few years and possibly go to university of duluth if I find out what I want to do for sure, or if I want to take a break for a year and work then go to college.


Sara Negasi

Hi, I’m Sara! I’m a freshmen at Burnsville High School. I like reading, swimming and watching Netflix and I’m looking forward to all the memories I’ll make throughout the year. Journalism is pretty great and I thought it would be a cool thing to do, so I joined. The newspaper staff is hardworking and good at what they do. I really don’t know exactly what I’m going to do when I grow up, but that’s okay!


Hayley Mudek

My name is Hayley Mudek, I like hang out with my friends, sleep and eat. My favorite class is Journalism because of all the great classmates I have. This is my second year taking Journalism. Some interesting things about me is I always blow my checks and then regret it a half hour later, and I have a beautiful hamster named Bubble.
I signed up for Journalism because I love to write in my free time. I like being in newspaper because I feel like informing the school is important. My future plans include going to a police academy to become a police officer


Cheyney McKinney

My name is Cheyney McKinney. I have interests in Spanish, reading, and television. My favorite class this year is A.P. Literature and Composition. My favorite BHS memory from this year is of the pep rally for homecoming week. Something unique about me is that I am named after my dad’s middle name.
I signed up for journalism to see what it is like and gain new experiences. One thing that I like being on a newspaper staff is that you get to work with others on spreading news and bring awareness. Some future plans of mine are to take this class next year and gain more experience in journalism.


Katelyn Longberry

Hello! I’m Katelyn, I’m a future author currently working on the BHS newspaper/yearbook. I’m a freshman, and I like writing, reading, the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things,’ and the Netflix series ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender.’ My favorite class has to be my piano class so far, and I haven’t been at BHS long enough to really have a favorite memory, but I’d have to say homecoming week.
I signed up for journalism because I thought it would be a great way to practice deadlines with my writing. My favorite thing about being in journalism so far has to be the friends I made from it; little did I know, the sentence “Can I interview you for the school newspaper?” would be such an amazing icebreaker to a conversation.


Sammi Lee

My name is Sammi Lee and I’m a Senior at Burnsville High School. My favorite class here would probably be journalism since Millea is pretty chill about things. Plus the assignments are usually fun and easy. My favorite memory here would have to be the time someone brought a kitten into school last year. I love all animals, especially dogs, and it is pretty prevalent in the articles I write.

I honestly signed up for journalism because I wanted the free yearbook. I don’t have any plans to go into journalism in the future, but it looks good on resumes and will likely improve my writing skills. After high school, I hope to go to NDSU or UWRF and study something with animals and/or agriculture.


Jenea Hayes

My name is Jenea Hayes and I am a Junior at BHS. My interests are basketball and writing. My favorite class is Journalism and English because i am learning so much from both class and i just love to write. I would say my best memory was at the Homecoming dance because, at my old school we didn’t have dances or even a Homecoming week. I am unique because of how I carry myself and how I treat myself and others. I chose Journalism because I wanted to experience having a journalism class and, I really love it the teacher is so nice and helpful and I really love my editor she is so nice and funny. I love being in the newspaper staff because I am happy to say I am a part of something that I love doing. I would see myself being in a editor in the future, but for now I still have to get the hang of writing my newspaper articles!


Jaelen Gresham

My name is Jaelen Gresham. I am an African-American freshmen that attends BHS. I like to play my Xbox (add me on that joint @CapturedCentaur.) Add me on PS4 @ JaelenDaShortest. You can see me on 2k18 and rainbow six siege. Just don’t get salty when I beat you. I play on a basketball team and i look forward to tryouts in November. I also play baseball. Even though I’ve only been at BHS for a few months, I have my favorite memory. My favorite memory is when me and my friends went to the first football game of the season at BHS. I had a lot of friends there. We were straight making bands there. I joined journalism because I wanted to make more friends in other grades. Not just 9th grade, because that’s dry. I wanted to explore all the different clubs BHS has to offer. I plan to take the class for all 4 years of high school. As far as the staff goes it’s a really exciting energetic group with quite a lot of older people in it.


Joe Brunner

I am Joe Brunner. I am a huge fan of sports, mostly football, hockey, and basketball. Watching movies is one of my favorite past times and I enjoy listening to music (Rap and R&B, most). My favorite classes are AP Literature/Composition and AP US History. So far, my favorite memory at Burnsville was playing football Freshman and Sophomore year. Something unique about me is that I have two different sized feet. I signed up for Journalism as I enjoyed writing on my own and English was always my favorite class throughout elementary and middle school. A teacher recommended me towards the Journalism class, so I decided to give it a shot. I enjoy writing articles on events and people I think are interesting or have a story to tell. Hopefully in the next couple years I will work on my Journalism degree at either Minnesota or Missouri and continue onto a career as a sports journalist.


Olivia Bendickson

My name is Olivia Bendickson. I love to act, dance, sing, play guitar and piano, and I love to shop. I’m really into fashion and clothes. My favorite class has always been choir, or any musical class. My favorite BHS memory is when I was in the play “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The rehearsals and the cast made my first highschool show one of the best. Something unique about me is I don’t like spaghetti. Everyone likes spaghetti and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like spaghetti. I took this class because my friends suggested that I would have a great time. I also wanted to have a class with Ms. Millea. This class has a lot of my friends and I have an absolute BALL in here. Being on the newspaper staff stresses me out but it allows me to become a better writer. My future plans are to possibly take a gap year, but I would eventually like to go to cosmetology school to become a hairstylist.

Chief Editor

Justin Amaker

I’m Justin Amaker, and I am the Burnsville Voice chief editor covering local/school news, entertainment and opinion. Eating and sleeping are essentially my interests, and my favorite BHS memory is when I rammed into a nail on the school parking lot and I had to change my tire in the parking lot of the school. Actually, just kidding. That’s my worst memory. My favorite memory at BHS is basically every second here other than changing my tire in the school parking lot. It’s pretty cool here, not gonna lie. One of my unique traits is that I have Svetlana in my life, and she is a Russian mother. So if you’re wondering why the heck I’m taking this journalism class, look no further because I’m about to answer that. I’ve always had a passion for journalism, and reporting the happenings of BHS students to others. Our newspaper staff is pretty lit, so that’s pretty cool. I enjoy bossing people around with my ‘chief editor’ title. I plan on studying journalism at the University of St. Thomas after high school.