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Velvet Buzzsaw Review

Velvet Buzzsaw is a new Netflix movie that was released January 31, 2019. Deciding to watch it was easy since it stars Jake Gyllenhaal, who I have been a fan of for years. I had no idea what the movie was about, and did not know where to have my expectations. Yesterday I finally sat down and decided to watch it.

It turns out that Velvet Buzzsaw is a thriller, art movie? It takes place in LA and is basically revolved about art pieces from a deceased old man who didn’t want his work shared but rather destroyed. Josephina, one of the main characters, ends up taking his work and sells them to museums. Turns out his work is cursed?

In all honesty, I did not enjoy it. It had a slow pace, and took most of the movie to finally get to the “good part”. The characters weren’t likable, and I feel like there were some unnecessary scenes, that didn’t make sense. Also, I didn’t really understand the plot in general. Maybe because it’s about art, and looking at the true meaning behind the work, and I just have never understood it. The only quote that stood out to me was when Rhodora said, “All art is dangerous.” It just really made me think.

If one is into art, then I would suggest to give it a watch, one may enjoy it more than I did. If one just want to kill time and watch something different, then I would suggest to give it a shot too.