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Texas-Mexican Border Caravan

A caravan with an estimated 1,800 Central American immigrants made it through the Texas-Mexican border this Tuesday arriving in Piedras Negras, Texas . Piedras Negras is located west of Eagle Pass, Texas; indicating they will be crossing the paths of United States border control soon enough. ¨The state government organized 49 buses from the interior cities of Saltillo and Arteaga to ensure the migrants’ safety, said Jose Borrego, a spokesman for the Coahuila state government.¨
Eagle Pass has much less security than Tijuana, where the last caravan tried to enter. The border is marked by the Rio Grande and does not include long sections of high barriers like the ones at Tijuana. ¨People who want to enter the U.S. may wait weeks, if not months. In Eagle Pass, customs officials are processing roughly 12 to 15 applications a day, according to Piedras Negras officials. U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not respond to a request to confirm that number, but customs offices across the border regularly turn asylum seekers away due to a stated lack of space.¨ We believe the caravan arrived sometime this Tuesday after several attempts to cross the California-Mexico border.