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Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl was this past Sunday and it was a big day for the NFL. The game was held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Mercedes-Benz stadium. It was a hard fought time game and by the end of the first half it was 3-0 Patriots. By the end of the game it was 13-3 and Patriots had won the game in the lowest Super Bowl score ever.

Some thought it was a boring Super Bowl. When I asked Ryan Allgood about the game he stated, “ It was a very boring Super Bowl because nobody had any exciting plays throughout the first three quarters”.  But other people thought it was a good game. When I asked Zach about the game he said,“ I think people should be happy about this game because it was a defensive game which we don’t have in the Super Bowls but i am a tad disappointed about how the halftime show was”. The halftime show was very boring and a lot of people agreed.