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Rough Driving

Drivers are finding it very hard to drive on the roads in Minnesota. All the snow has made the roads very dangerous for everyone who travels on them.”The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is urging motorists to avoid unnecessary travel today in south central Minnesota to due to limited visibility and poor road conditions on state and federal highways.”MnDOT officials are also warning of a potential “no travel advised” at nightfall. Motorists are advised to plan ahead as the current conditions and forecasts continue to show dangerous driving conditions into the night, states a MnDOT article concerning the weather and road conditions in Minnesota lately. They suggest that the roads should only be driven on if absolutely necessary.
The roads were very dangerous on February 6th and 7th. There was a lot of traffic and late buses throughout the day. On February 7th, many school districts made the decision to cancel all after school activities due to the roads and dangerous driving conditions. “We hope that all students drive safe tonight and make it home okay.” Mr. Helke, Principal at Burnsville High School, said over the announcements at the end of the day. The snow has been a major issue on many roads lately, and drivers are encouraged to do their best to stay safe on the roads. Many people are hoping that the weather and roads improve so students can continue to go to school and not accumulate anymore make up school days.