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Neon Dance

On February 2 2019, Burnsville high school students enjoyed their night at the neon dance. Student Council worked very hard to make this dance the best it could be. The morning of the dance  they decorated the gym with bright neon colors, so the dance could be as bright as possible. “ We tried our best to make sure this dance will be as fun for everyone as possible. We worked very hard on planning this dance to make it happen.” Student council officers said, as they were decorating the gym for the dance. They did as much as they could to make this dance unforgettable and fun for everyone.

Students had a lot of fun at the dance on Saturday. There was lots of fun music, and dancing that made everyone have a great time. Students lit up the gym with all of their bright neon colors, glow sticks, and bright paint all around. “ I had a lot of fun at the dance, it was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. It was a great way to celebrate snow week!” sophomore Amber Haeckenkamp said after she went to the dance. Even though the theme days for school will be happening next week due to weather, student really showed some great school spirit. Everyone had a great time at the dance, and can’t wait fo more dances next year!