A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Ms. Ohama

The teachers at Burnsville High are the backbone of the school, but where do they come from what do they do? I had the opportunity to interview one of our teachers from the English department. She started her college career at the University of North Dakota where she studied English.” A year bearing the cold in grand forks,” she decided to make the move back home to Minnesota to finish the remainder of her schooling. After completing her four years she attended The University of Minnesota’s grad school to further her studies in English and secondary education. After her college career, she received a job at her old high school BHS where she teaches 9th and 11th-grade. Ms. Ohama also teaches a special class of intro to education through Normandale, where the students can earn college credit. Not only does she teach at the school but she is also involved in extracurricular activities. She is involved in Future teachers of America which is a club where students who are interested in the field of teaching have the opportunity to learn from a real teacher, as well as go on trips to visit colleges. At the end of the year, all of the students are able to sign a commitment letter. Teachers who go above and beyond outside the classroom are crucial to the education system and Ms. Ohama contributes to that endeavor. ¨teaching is the best job in the world¨.