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Less Screens, More Sleep!

A study published in the journal of JAMA Pediatrics found that only 5% of teens are getting enough sleep or exercise, and overusing their recommended screen time causing the issue. “We see so many of our High School students spending over four, five, six hour per day on non-educational screen time.” Breuner, a Doctor at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, said. More and more teens and their parents are limiting their screen time to what’s recommended by experts because of this issue. All three of these behaviors– not getting enough sleep, not exercising enough and spending to much time in front of a screen– have been linked to negative consequences for health of teens, including increased risk of depression, poor school performance, and obesity.

According to the National Sleep Foundation and the CDC, teens need anywhere between eight to ten hours of sleep, one hour of vigorous physical daily activity, and less screen time. “I always say in my clinic, everybody has to shut off their screen between 9 and 10, and all of them need to be charged away from the bed on a phone charge strip. Everybody: Mom, Dad, uncle, siblings, everyone.” said Breuner.