A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Anisa Abdullahi

Anisa Abdullahi is an amazing student, a great person, and a hard worker. She is a quiet but funny person. She also balances work, school, social life, and clubs really well. Anisa favorite classes are physics and math because they are her best subjects. She is a new student at the Burnsville High School, she used to live Minneapolis and while Anisa likes Burnsville High School she misses her old school. “To never give up or stop trying to achieve my dreams” a motivational quote from Anisa, a well noted advice for others who as well want to pursue in their dreams. Anisa wants to become a pediatrician and major in health she wants to minor in Arabic because she grew up around the language.

“Always be myself and not change myself for anyone”. Her advice to others is to be confident and to become the person you want to be. Anisa is very dedicated to her work. She currently works at Macy’s and really enjoyed it because she likes to shop and socialize with other people. Anisa’s dream college is St.Catherine because she loves the school and wants to live in St.Paul. She balances her social life making time for her friends and school work and knowing when to stop being on her phone and to do her work. Her favorite thing about Burnsville High School are the people and teachers Anisa said that the faculty here was amazingly kind.