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Should We Keep Hall Monitors?

Back some time, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage school officials announced millions of dollars in proposed budget cuts including the elimination of 40 full-time jobs due to a nearly $6 million budget shortage. Hall monitors at Burnsville maintain order in the hallways and are most of the time the first ones to prevent a fight in these corridors. Without these hall monitors, skipping will become more common and students will take advantage of that situation. But our hall monitors will not only be the only ones that are going to have to step down, under the proposal, about 22 full-time licensed staff members and about 18 full-time support staff could lose their jobs too.

Students have made a petition to help keep some of the activities that might also be removed or be changed. The website, ‘Change.org’ is also meant for people who believe we should keep our hall monitors. Our hall monitors here do much more than walk around and stop fights, they greet our students in the hallway with kindness and promote a more healthier environment.

But as much as this is to take in, the official stance on this issue will be confirmed during the summer. I know this is hard for our district to decide so we should all keep our trust in the school.