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Why You Should Stop Using Non-cruelty Free Makeup Products

We all know that a lot of makeup brands test on animals in some way, but a lot of brands have switched to not doing that anymore. But there are some brands that do not want to switch. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t support brands that test on animals.


Reason one is the biggest one, which is the simple fact that they test these different products on animals. The animals live sad lives stuck in cages, and most of the time they are treated terribly by the captors. “I just don’t understand why they test on animals and not on willing humans. Those animals don’t give consent to practice on them” Jessica Spies said.


The animals’ cages are so small, that sometimes they just end up dying because of the reactions. Some rabbits end up getting terrible eye infections and lose their sight.


There’s no way that animal cruelty can be good for our animals in the long run, so let’s work together and save our animals.