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The Senior Slide

The term “senior slide” sounds like an old-school dance move, but it’s not. The “senior slide” refers to when seniors in high school decide, especially after they get accepted into a college, that they want to slack off and be lazy. The senior slide affects students in a variety of different ways, and comes into effect at all different times as well.

For some of us, the senior slide begins on the first day of senior year, for others (a very small amount of people,) it never begins. The senior slide can look a few different ways, such as, accumulating a very high number of absences, sacrificing of doing homework ever again, sleeping in class, and putting friends before anything else (including school, sleep, and money management.) “The senior slide just means a lot of absences, sleeping a lot, being broke…. And just A LOT of absences.” said BHS senior, Madeline Drummer (featured below.)

Some may argue that the senior slide is a bad thing, but no one is harmed in the long run as long as everyone still graduates so, there is really nothing bad about it.