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Valleyfair: Can You Afford to Go?

Valleyfair is a 125-acre amusement park in Shakopee. Owned by Cedar Fair, the park opened in 1976 and now features over 75 rides and attractions including eight roller coasters. Valleyfair is a place you won’t get bored of going to. They have games , sideshows, a waterpark, a arcade, great food, karaoke, a live dj and more. Having kids with won’t be a problem. The park has a kid friendly area with a ball pit, shows, storytelling, Snoopy and the gang and more fun.

Tickets vary as low as $35 for the whole day and food is not included. That’s all the rides, the waterpark and all side attractions.

“This park is worth the visit and is affordable, compared to some of the larger amusement parts. We did almost all the rides in one day AND had time to visit the water park. The Steel Venom was my favorite ride of the whole day and we enjoyed Panda Express for lunch.”

If you have been to the park before or plan to go multiple times i suggest getting a season pass. “Visit Valleyfair as many times as you want through September 8 with a Value Pass. Does not include ValleySCARE, parking or Season Pass offers, including Bring-A-Friend Days.” A Value pass can be bought in six easy payments of $13 or one big payment of $78.

“Enjoy unlimited visits to Valleyfair all season long. Best of all, your Gold Pass includes ValleySCARE, free parking and exclusive in-park offers throughout the season!” Gold passes cost a little bit more than the value pass. The gold pass can be purchased with six easy payments of $14.50 or one big payment of $87.

“Enjoy all the benefits of the Gold Pass with the added benefit of enjoying all of those exclusive privileges at all Cedar Fair Parks across the country, including Worlds of Fun, Cedar Point and more!” The only difference from the gold pass and the  platinum pass is that with the platinum pass gives you access to all cedar parks. The pass costs six payments of 36$ or 216$.

“Lovely park for kids and adults combined, we do have gold passes for here and we visit quite often but we have something new to do every time. My little one loves the kiddie rides and my boys are all over the rest, nice water park as well.”