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Mental Health Awareness Month at BHS

The month of May is celebrated throughout the nation as Mental Health Awareness Month, and Burnsville High School participates in several unique ways. First of all, all administration and student body are wearing green on Thursday, the tenth of May to demonstrate how we are all in this together, and no one is alone when it comes to struggling with mental health issues. In fact, one in five adults will struggle with a mental illness at some point in their lives.

Secondly, Burnsville Strong, a club that promotes unity in our district, took mirror markers and wrote uplifting messages on all of the mirrors in the bathrooms around the school. They also hung posters on the walls in the hallways around the school promoting unity and positivity. Lizzy, a member of Burnsville strong said,  “We like to promote unity in any way we can throughout the high school, so we really utilize Mental Health Awareness Month as another way to show that we are all in it together.” Each day, there is an announcement over the intercom during the third hour to inform and educate about mental health and how to support ourselves and each other through the battle.