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BHS Badminton Has Begun!

Burnsville High School Badminton has launched off into a great start this year! Starting on March 5th, the team has been practicing every day after school until 4:30. They have learned multiple techniques including how to serve, smash the birdie, and how to play the game.

There are four people on varsity singles and 3 varsity doubles teams. Usually, the players get to choose if they want to play singles or doubles. Grace Gothard and Rachel Waterman are both the senior captains on the team. Grace says “The season is off to a great start. Badminton is not only a fun time, I get to be competitive and be with my friends. It is more of a laid back sport and I am so happy I decided to join.”

Varsity and JV had a tournament to start the season off in Edina this past Saturday. Although Burnsville didn’t place, they all had a great time. This team is full of supporting fun girls who cannot wait to swing their rackets and hit the birdies. No doubt they will thrive this season!