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Working Out & How it Helps


When it comes to working out, most people sigh and glance over at it. I have very weak knees-meaning they can dislocate at any time. I also have a screwed up back from my childhood, so working out is usually very difficult for me. For the past three years, I’ve seen many articles about how working out can help the effects of depression and anxiety, but I simply laughed at it. For this past week, I worked out every day before school to see how it changed my mood.

For the first two days, all I felt was soreness and extreme tiredness. I almost gave up, until the third morning. I woke up, drank my protein smoothie, and walked down to the gym in my apartment. I worked out for half an hour, then came back upstairs. I went to school feeling extra energized, happier, and overall more confident.

The science behind working out is that endorphins are released when working out.  Endorphins help to fight stress, and who isn’t happy when you don’t have stress?

I HIGHLY recommend that everyone tries working out in the morning; whether you walk your dog, go to a local gym, or just do some yoga. Let me know how it works out for you!

See ya next time!