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Pet of the Week: Akoya

Akoya, or Koya as her foster family calls her, is an approximately three year old Labrador Retriever that came to Secondhand Hounds pregnant and injured. Since then all of her puppies have been adopted but she is still looking for her own loving family. Akoya can be a bit nervous at first but once she warms up, she is a complete sweetheart. Her foster family is currently working with her to help her be more comfortable around new people.

When meeting new people Akoya sometimes will growl and bark before she warms up to them, but once she does she is a very lovely girl. She likes to protect her house and family and does not like strangers in her home. Eventually she will be comfortable with a guest and her foster family is working with her to reassure her people are okay. A house without cats would also be recommended for Akoya as she does not do well with them.

Akoya is a big girl that can pull on her leash so she does best with a gentle leader in an area without a lot of other dogs. Meeting other dogs while on a leash is not the best experience with her but she can still make dog friends. She prefers to have male dog friends more often than other females. Usually she does best with dogs that are okay with her being the boss and once she has a submissive friend she loves to run around with them and play. She has done great with puppies, but her intros to other dogs should be between a gate or fence since she does not do well with other dogs on a leash.

Watching squirrels run in the backyard, lay on the couch with her foster family, and chew on rawhides are some of Akoya’s favorite things. She is crate trained but currently spends her nights laying on her foster mom’s bed. She is completely potty trained and does a great job letting her foster family know when she needs to go outside.

Akoya aims to please and knows many tricks but she needs a home with structure. She likes to have a set rules and someone that can be patient with her and help her be successful. Her adoption fee is set at $300 and she can be found on the Secondhand Hounds website under the adopt tab in dogs for adoption.