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#TheTourney Day 4: The salad bar was dirty, the water was flowing down the sink and Minnetonka beat Duluth East. Oh, and I went to the Let’s Play Hockey expo.

So, get this. There’s an expo just dedicated to hockey, here in Minnesota. That’s how you know you’re in the State of Hockey, and I went with my friend Lucas Lesser on Saturday before game day to see it unfold.

Jake wasn’t there…because, of course, he was working. He didn’t come until there was three minutes left in the third period. Yeah, Hy-Vee second assistant manager life.

The boys from On The Bench were there, and that was probably the only thing that interested me. On The Bench is a group of two dudes that go around and collaborate with hockey teams throughout the United States and Canada.

Okay…let me be real for a second. I’m an avid hockey fan, myself. I’ll do anything for a hockey game, and I was so ecstatic to find out I was covering the state hockey tournament for the weekend. But, I’ve never heard of On The Bench until I went to the expo. But, now I have. And they’re pretty awesome.

The Let’s Play Hockey expo is mainly venders selling hockey memorabilia, trading cards and hockey equipment. It’s actually not super exciting for the non-player but the players might like it.

Okay, so after that, we went to the third place game and the championship game. And, oh man, just wait until you hear about what happened at the third place game.

Edina v. Centennial – Third Place Final

Edina wins 11 to nothing. Need I say more? I don’t think so.

Okay, yeah, the third place game was boring. Cool. Edina won third. Nice.

Duluth East v. Minnetonka – Championship Game

So, Minnetonka won 5-2. Yeah, it might look like a blowout, but it was actually a really close game with many close-but-missed shots by Duluth East and an equal amount of shots by both teams.

You could tell those boys out there meant business, and their heart was in the game. Duluth East scored once in the first period by Ricky Lyle and once in the second period by Austin Jouppi.

Minnetonka scored twice in the second by Bobby Brink and Matt Koethe. Andrew Hicks let one in on the second period, followed by Joe Molenaar in the third and Matt Koethe putting one more in to finish off the game 5-2.

All in all, Duluth shot 31 times and Minnetonka shot 30 times.

2018 All Hockey Hair Team

Okay, so, not to brag, but I’m sort of involved in this year’s video. First place was a girl, and I was the one that sent her in. You know, no big deal, it’s whatever. 🙂

The salad bar was wide open and it was tossed well this year. Minnesota was MinneFLOWing in this year’s video.

2016 AHH member and 2017 BHS graduate Danny Sandvig made a little cameo as well in this year’s video, and it looks like he was still rockin’ the lettuce on that great hair of his.

Minnesota hockey blog Game On! Minnesota produces the All Hockey Hair Team each year, and you can watch this year’s video here.