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#TheTourney18 Day 2: Three blowouts in a row followed by a really close last game. Oh, and one of ours getting ejected.

So, Jake and I loved going to the tourney so much on Wednesday, that we decided to come back to the 2A quarterfinals on Thursday. From the rather inappropriate chants, to many ejections that night, it was a pretty good and eventful night all-in-all.

Many students from Burnsville High School decided to skip school to come watch the tourney, as many call it. Eight teams from throughout the metro area and the state came to face off against each other in some pretty good hockey.

One of our students was ejected from the stadium during the last game of the night for starting some inappropriate chanting. One of those chants was “like your mother!” after STA’s “that was easy!” chant after they scored a goal. Another was a “f*ck you!” to STA’s section, followed by them going “watch your language!” which was my personal favorite of the night. One more was “where’s the women?” to their section, referring to the fact that STA is an all boys school. I interviewed the Burnsville student that got ejected, who is remaining anonymous to protect their privacy.

“It was definitely an achievement [to get ejected], you know you’re doing your job if your team is not in the tournament and you can get in the other fans heads,” they said after their ejection, “and¬†it’s just funny as hell knowing you leave a positive influence with the people you were with.”

I can only imagine how much the Xcel Energy Center security team enjoy the state hockey tournament. Yeah, probably not so much.

Also, huge shoutout to Kevin, the man working the section that the aforementioned Burnsville student got ejected from, for keeping his composure that night. That takes a lot of patience, let me tell ya.

Regardless of that chanting and the ejections that happened, let’s talk about the games. Shall we?

Lakeville North vs. edina

On the first game of the morning, Edina blew out Lakeville North with a final score of 7-1. This was Edina’s 27th time in the state tournament.

Five different players from Edina scored three times in the first period, followed by four more in the second period. As far as Lakeville North went, they got on the scoreboard on the fourth minute of the second period for their only goal.

st. michael-albertville vs. duluth east

Duluth East scored once in the first, but fired back up in the second period and scored four, to make their final score 5-0.

While STMA was able to beat Burnsville in the regular season, they just couldn’t get the puck in the net, giving Duluth East goalie Parker Kleive a shoutout for that game.

hill-murray vs. minnetonka

In the first game of the second session, Minnetonka clinched the dub against Hill-Murray 5-2 to advance to the semifinal match.

The first three shots made by Minnetonka resulted in goals, followed by Hill-Murray responding by putting one in themselves. Minnetonka put in one more, before putting in one goal each in the second and third periods. Hill-Murray was able to put in one more in the second period, but they just couldn’t quite clinch the dub.

centennial vs. st. thomas academy

This game, in my honest opinion, was probably the best one of the night.

Of course, this was the fourth game of the day for me and I was tired out, and my goal in that game was NOT to go to overtime, as the game itself ended at 11 pm. Thankfully, it didn’t, and it resulted in a 3-2 win for Centennial after they scored with three minutes left in the third period, a huge upset for the tournament.

St. Thomas Academy’s two goals were both in the first period. Centennial scored once in the second period and twice in the third.

up next in the tourney

We’re taking the day off from the tourney tonight to go support the Burnsville basketball boys, but we’ll be back tomorrow night for the championship game!

We will determine¬†by the end of tonight who will be playing in that game, and we’ll be covering the championship game along with the Let’s Play Hockey expo tomorrow afternoon at the St. Paul RiverCentre.