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Snow Day for All

On the morning of Monday March 5th, Burnsville high school as well as the rest of the district was blessed with the best news. “All District 191 schools will be closed today due to the weather.” Don’t we all just love a good snow day.

Ms. Millea exclaimed “I loved the snow day! I went to hot plate with my teacher friends, I ate pancakes and had a good chat. It was nice to chill out.” Many teachers and students relaxed and slept in.

Although there was absolutely no snow until about 3 in the afternoon, it was great to have a day off and allowed my friends and I to drive around and hang out with each other. On the snow day we went to Denny’s and explored in the woods. Then the frozen tundra set in and we had to run back to the car for safety.

All in all, Cindy was great for letting us have a snow day and although we should have also had Tuesday off, I am blessed and fortunate for the memories I made on this snow day.