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Why you should watch “The Office” if you haven’t already

The television series, “The Office” has been around since 2005. Since then, the show has blown up. Some of the scenes from the show have become memes today.

Although the plot from episode to episode may seem random, the plot somehow keeps up with the storyline that is slowly always developing from season to season. Romances are always developing, friendships are being created, tempers will be lost, etc. It all becomes unpredictable.

Each character is unique in the show. The show is mainly surrounded by the same 5 characters. Even those characters roles can change. Some leave for better jobs, some go on vacation, others become less relevant to the story. Which allows the show to become more intriguing as time goes on.

Some of those changes can be disappointing though. In other shows, big changes don’t usually happen. Most of the changes are announced, but then resolved so things can stay relatively the same in show. But most of the changes in The Office stay that way until x amount of episodes later.

So far, season 4 has been entertaining. The episodes can be a little repetitive in their themes. But overall, The Office has been an enjoyable experience, alongside some laughs.