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School shootings: we’ve had way too many now.

School shootings have been a huge headline in the news the past couple of weeks. Not only school shootings but guns have also been headlining a lot. Not just guns to be specific but gun laws which by many are seen as too loose. Gun laws in the United States have caused a lot of controversy and many think they need to be banned or at least have stricter laws implemented. The only problem is that these gun laws only get attention for about a month or two after a horrific event such as the Las Vegas concert  shooting or the Florida school shooting. The people in political power are receiving money and donations from the NRA making them just as accountable for the shooting as the shooter Nicholas Cruz himself.

If these high powered people would do something about it and stop accepting money and donations we could put an end to mass shooting which has been long due in the United States. The United states is an outlier for one stat and it’s not a pretty one, we are known for our mass shootings specifically school shootings. Trump and other administrations have accepted plenty of money from the NRA and haven’t stopped it yet. The only people doing anything about it are the teachers students and people that don’t have enough power to stop it. Dick sporting goods banned the sale of guns to anyone under 21 extending the legal limit for 18 year olds by 3 years. The United States of America needs to get rid of this problem and there are only a certain amount of people that have the power to do it, stop accepting money and help your country by making our schools and streets a safer place!