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Macaroni and cheese: you HAVE to eat the SpongeBob shaped ones.

Macaroni and cheese is very yummy in all shapes and sizes but it’s definitely the best when eating it in the shape of SpongeBob.

Unlike the original noodles, which can turn into a mushy mess once their cooked, shapes tend to hold their rigid structure. Which makes eating it so much more enjoyable.

All those nooks and crannies that together make up a cute Minion are key when it comes to holding onto the delightfully orange cheese sauce. All the extra holes in the noodles help you get as much cheese as possible in every bite to ensure that not a drop of it goes to waste.

The memory of scarfing down spoonfuls of shaped noodles just lives in a warm fuzzy part of your heart. Old habits die hard, and there’s really no shame in loving something because your inner five-year-old tells you to.