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Drag Race All Stars 2: Alaska officially receives crown.

Though Alaska officially received the “Drag Race: All Stars 2” crown, it is the beautiful Katya Zamolodchikova that won our hearts. In addition to returning even more glam than she was in Season 7, Katya stayed humble and chill, v   even through the numerous times she should’ve won the lip-sync battle and been announced as the week’s winner. Katya never tried to game the system like some, always choosing to send home the weakest performer of the week rather than her biggest competition: Katya let her work on the runway speak for itself.

It made no real sense when Katya merely said “Party,” in response to Alaska’s self-pitying temper tantrum, but then, it slowly did. How do you respond to a friend clearly having a meltdown? Try to make them laugh!

“Party.” It’s this kind of quick-witted, hilarious response combined with killer moves and gorgeous looks that made her the show’s fan favorite. Screener got to speak with Katya after the finale episode aired, and asked how the upcoming reunion went, if she had any regrets from this past season, and her true feelings on that controversial queen Phi Phi O’Hara.