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BHS choir and band travels to Italy for biannual trip.

Every other year, Burnsville High Schools band and choirs vote on a select destination to travel to and show off their talents together. This year, Italy was chosen.

The group of students and chaperones all left for Italy on February 23rd. The group split off into 3 groups and set off for Italy that Friday afternoon. After a long 10+ hour day of traveling, the group landed in Rome.

For the trip, the group started off in Rome. Throughout the week long trip, they would eventually keep moving down to Florence, and lastly they would end their trip in Venice. They spent about 2 days in each city.

The purpose of the trip is to show off the talents from BHS. The group performed in various places around Italy. The most popular of them all would be in the Vatican, home of the pope. They also performed in many churches, and even performed on the streets of Italy for the locals to watch.

The group will return on the 3rd of March. After being away from home for 10 days straight. Plenty of pictures and videos have been posted on every individuals social media.