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Pet of the Week: Micah

Micah is a handsome tuxedo kitten found as a stray and is just under a year old, estimated birthday is August 21, 2017. This kitten has lots of energy and loves to play with his foster family other foster cats. Micah is a dog-like cat that will play fetch and rough house with his foster siblings when he gets the chance to.

Another animal in the house to wrestle and play with would make Micah ecstatic. He is dog friendly and, if the dog would let him, would probably wrestle with it. He takes a bit to warm up to other cats. The amount of time it takes for Micah to adapt to another cat depends on the other cat’s personality. However, without another cat in the house Micah likes to substitute humans as cats and get a bit mouthy when playing with their hands or around their ankles. With another cat in the house Micah will very rarely get mouthy with his family. Since he is still young he sometimes gets spurts of crazy kitten energy that he will likely outgrow.

Since first coming to his foster home Micah has grown to be a snuggler when he is not playing. He is not very needy about getting attention and prefers to sit nearby to take a quick cat nap. He likes to lay right up against his foster parents and even on their shoulders when they are laying down. He reacts to new people very friendly and he does well with all adults.

Micah’s adoption fee is set at $200 and he can be found on the Secondhand Hounds website under the adopt tab in cats available for adoption. Secondhand Hounds does not declaw any cats under their care and after adoption their cats should also not be declawed. The reasons for this are on the bottom of each feline adoption page near the link for the cat application. Information about the Secondhand Hounds adoption process can be found under the adopt tab in how to adopt.