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Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week: Bit O’ Honey

Bit O’ Honey is a six year old pomeranian that was rescued from a puppy mill in Iowa. His long and dense coat feels like that of a sheep and he loves to be pet. Since he was born and raised in a puppy mill he is fairly anxious and would require a fenced yard in his future home. He is housebroken and loves being in his crate, which has become his safe space, he sleeps in at night even if the door is opened.

This little fluff ball is not very good with men and is very cautious around new people due to his past, but he does fine with other dogs and cats. In Bit O’ Honey’s foster home he does well with his foster mom’s children since they are gentle and calm with him. He would love to have a relaxed household that also lets him get his energy out and can cope with his anxiety. When Bit O’ Honey is anxious, excited, or when he’s just happy, he will spin in circles to let you know.

Since Bit O’ Honey has a high energy level he would do best somewhere he can run or walk it off. His current home has a circular layout that he jogs laps around when he has an overabundance of energy. He also loves to run laps around his fenced backyard and go for walks.

Bit O’ Honey can be found on the Secondhand Hounds website under the adopt tab in dogs available for adoption. His current adoption fee is set at $250 and an application for him can be found at the bottom of his page. Information about the adoption process can be found under the adopt tab under how to adopt.