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Opinion: Homework is problematic to students.

Homework is a giant part of student life, it impacts grades and the understanding of lessons for students. It is a fine idea in concept, but is full of mistakes that likely disrupt the progression of high schoolers. In most classes, homework is given out daily, this means that students will receive likely five to seven assignments per night, (not to mention massive projects that are a large part of grades that span weeks, months, or an entire semester) with each assignment lasting around fifteen to an hour of work, some averaged out math equates this to three hours of work for six half hour assignments. That is a substantial amount of time, every night. Time that students rarely ever have, with participation in work, clubs, religious activities, and of course, sports.

If a student has a practice straight after school until around 4:30-5:00 and then work until 9:30 or 10:00, how are they supposed to work so much work, where in their schedule would that work, granted that is just one example, but how about this one. Sophomore student is getting confirmed, they have religion class from 5:00-7:00 and a hockey practice at 8:00-10:00. That person will lose precious sleep over some math problems. There are countless other situations for hundreds of students at Burnsville and other schools. School already takes up so much of teenagers lives, why does it need to impact it while they aren’t even at school. The other issue with homework is that it ends up being worth a large portion of the class’s grades, and failure to complete it over night, will severely harm the student’s performance. There are some positives with homework, it does provide practice for lessons and can lead to further understanding, but it needs to be revolutionized.