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Meme of the Week

Meme of the Week: Valentine’s Day Cards

In Honor of Valentine’s Day, this week’s meme review will be on the infamous Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine’s Day cards are my favorite thing about V-Day, every Feb. 1st, I head over to those meme pages and screenshot every one I can find, even if I don’t understand it. These cards also make Valentine’s Day joyful for all the singles out there.

The best thing about this cards is that they’re either corny or really dirty, I enjoy both. They also feature a lot of movie references, vine references, or song references, which I think is why they are so funny. You can even “deliver” some of these cards to your friends to have a good laugh at, they just aren’t for couples.

These memes started to come popular around February of 2014, and they have never died out, which I think is quite of an accomplishment for a meme, maybe because they’re around once a year.

Overall I’d rate this meme an 11/10. They’re funny, creative, and even written in comic sans, which is a funny font. Anyway, I encourage all of you guys to go on instagram, twitter, whatever you wish and search for these cards, you won’t regret it.