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Maddie Pittorf: This Week’s BHS Student Spotlight!

This weeks student spotlight is Maddie Pittorf, a senior here at BHS. This past weekend, Maddie had the amazing opportunity to perform in the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show. I decided to interview her to learn more about her experience.


“How did you get this opportunity to dance in the Super Bowl Halftime Show?”

The halftime choreographers for Justin Timberlake asked dance teams in the metro area to be in the show. Our coaches were the ones that told us about the awesome opportunity.


“How long did you have to practice?”

We started practice on January 19th and practiced up until the performance on February 4th. The practices were on average 8 hours long. Every practice we had to bring a photo ID, go through metal detectors, and we had to leave our phones at home. We had practice about four times a week.


“Did you get to meet Justin Timberlake?’

Yeah, well we basically met him. I didn’t have a personal conversation with him but there was a part where he sung right at me. He was at every rehearsal and it was like a private concert every practice.


“Are you sick of hearing Justin Timberlake?”

Oh heck no! I think I actually became more obsessed with him.


“What was the best part in dancing in the Super Bowl Halftime Show?”

Just being there and getting to see all the people in the stadium.


“What was the worst part in dancing in the Super Bowl Halftime Show?”

Definitely coming home at 12 every night on school nights and only getting five hours of sleep.


“What was the hardest part of the whole experience?”

Having to balance the practices and school along with the rest of life. Also not being able to tell anyone I got to dance in the show because I was so excited about it.


“If you had the opportunity to do this again, would you?”

Yes, definitely