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Opinion: Valentine’s Day is stupid.

Valentine’s Day to me is kind of pointless and does not seem like a holiday or in my thought it’s not a holiday at all. Valentine’s Day is really only for people who like or love each other and want to buy gifts for that person just to make them happy. But for people who are single, it gets very lonely on that day and sit around and eat food and I think it’s almost like a normal old day.

I think that in high school and any lower grades Valentine’s Day is pretty pointless and many do not celebrate the holiday. But Valentine’s Day can also be fun with all the fun candy in stores and being able to share that candy. My Valentine’s Day tradition Is to spend time with my mom and dad and brother and have a fun dinner usually a pasta and some type of garlic bread and always a red velvet cake.

Valentine’s Day can also be fun if you are with your friends and kind of joke around and get your friends and teddy bear or something and go watch a movie. Valentine’s Day is also positive when there is all the better movies on TV you can watch and are on at this time of the year. Valentine’s Day is for people who don’t really know the real story,  on Feb. 14 they named it off of Saint Valentine who helped perform weddings for soldiers who couldn’t get married.

During this time of the year they believe cupid is the basic character of Valentine’s Day which is not true and is a myth that they wanted people to believe. I did talk to my sister about this and she says it’s “the best but can be the worst day of the year” she said this because it’s only really fun if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife or husband and if you don’t it may give you the thought of being lonely.

Let’s just sum it up I give Valentine’s Day a 6 out of 10, it’s a very bipolar holiday/day for many people. Many people do sometimes forget this day and people I have talked to say it’s very pointless but many also say it’s a fun exciting day. What do you like most about Valentine’s Day?