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Pet of the Week: Rabbit

Rabbit is an approximately eight month old cat that was found as a stray and was pulled from a local animal control to come to Secondhand Hounds with her sister Squirrel, who is also available for adoption. Rabbit and Squirrel never had proper introductions to humans when they were kittens so they are both fairly cautious around new people and are still learning to trust. Rabbit loves to be around her foster family and rub up against their legs, but isn’t super fond of being pet.

Someone interested in Rabbit should be aware that she is cautious at first and takes a bit to warm up to strangers. She likes to hang around in odd places like the shower and play with strange things like the bathroom door. Rabbit gets along well with other dogs that will not chase her and would love to have another cat in the house. Since she did not have proper instruction as a kitten she will scratch and bite furniture but can easily be redirected to a scratching post or a toy.

Rabbit’s adoption fee is set at $130 and can be found on the Secondhand Hounds website under the adopt tab in cats available for adoption. To find out more on how to adopt Rabbit or another animal from Secondhand Hounds go to the how to adopt page under the adopt tab.