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Self Care with Sofia: Nutmeg Face Masks?

For two weeks, I used a mixture of nutmeg, honey, and milk on my face to improve my skin texture and acne problems. Now, this sounds like a really strange thing to put on your face, like honey? Why would you want something so sticky on your face? But all of these ingredients are actually GREAT for your face, but how?

Milk has lactic acid in it, which helps prevent acne breakouts and helps smooth out wrinkles. Nutmeg helps get rid of swollen pores and unclogs pores. And now for the main ingredient: honey! Honey is so beneficial to your daily skin care. It prevents aging skin from wrinkling, extremely moisturizing, and provides a nice glow for your skin.

Now, how do you mix these ingredients? First, take a tablespoon of nutmeg and mix it in with a tablespoon or more of honey, depending on the texture you want for your mask. Mix the nutmeg and honey together, then pour in a half tablespoon of milk into the mixture. Stir carefully, and add more milk as needed. All of these ingredients together will provide your face with a beautiful glow and will help it look AWESOME!

To apply the mask, I used a new E.L.F. foundation brush for $1 to brush it on. I carefully dipped the brush into it, then applied it in a not-too-thick, not-too-thin layer. Then, allow the mask to sit and absorb into your face. When it comes time to rinse it off, wash it off with hot water and pat it dry with a clean towel.

By the third week, I felt and saw such a big difference in my skin. It was much softer, and my acne scars had started fading. I would highly recommend using this mask to anyone who wants their skin to look better.