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Meme of the Week: Tide Pods. (DON’T EAT THEM)

I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH DO NOT EAT TIDE PODS. THANK YOU. -Justin Amaker, the editor responsible for this article.

New year, new memes, am I right? This year we had a pretty rough start in the meme category, and the reason I say this is because of one thing and one thing only; Tide Pods.

When I first saw this meme, I thought “Hey that’s pretty funny, laundry detergent on a plate. Ha, wow” But now that I start to see more and more of this meme, all think now is “Why? Why is this funny?’ I am still unaware on how this is a funny meme.

So not only are people around the country laughing over laundry detergent on a plate, they are also eating them. I’m not sure if this is just some type of ironic joke, or people just seriously enjoying eating them. Either way, please do not eat Tide pods. It is very dangerous.

“The tide pods meme is not funny, it never was funny and never will be” Gianna Mudek says, “It’s the drinking bleach meme all over again, I believe the real meaning behind it is suicide and that should never be a joke”.

However, if you do find the tide pods meme funny, that’s cool, too. I respect everyone’s “meme choices” No one thinks the “Dat Boi” meme is funny, but it is my favorite.

So to end this week’s meme article, the tide pods meme is not funny or amusing to me, and please don’t eat tide pods. Thank you.