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Grammys: A Review

On Sunday, the Grammys kicked off, with Bruno Mars getting winning album, record, and song. Kendrick Lamar dominated the rap category, and Alessia Cara won best new artist.

The music industry acknowledged the very popular #metoo during the Grammys. When asked about it, Elena Pierce said that she “-appreciated their inclusion.” On top of mentioning it, they held white roses during the red carpet to fight sexual harassment.

The Grammys appear to have fallen behind, as Bruno Mars was the breaker on an all-white streak that appeared during the night. People were not pleased.

The lack of diversity was unfortunate, especially because it appears that that might be the annual awards show’s downfall.

The long-awaited show either left people disappointed or excited to see their favorite celebrity get awarded or excluded. One thing’s for sure though; it will be returning next year.