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Culture II: It was a flop.

Bless up. Migos third album titled “Culture II” has been released but has disappointed many Hip-hop lovers like myself. In short, “Culture II” fails in rekindling the same energy fans found in “Culture.” At times, the album seems lazy, unmotivated and overall appears to be a mosh-pit of songs all contradicting each other. It seems like the trio tried too hard to imitate their last album and not lose the respect of their fans. Each member shines in their own way but it seems like Quavo is the only one we’re hearing from while Takeoff and Offset effortlessly back Quavo up in his attempt up with fire bars and joyful bounce. When the group first started receiving attention, critics said the only way to go from where they already were was up but many now don’t believe it. Seems like Culture II is just one long song that won’t end and trust me, I’ve tried vibing to it. I really did.

But on that note, not every song was horrible. Migos have features from the hottest acts in hip hop. Artists like Drake, Cardi B, Gucci Mane and many others helped Migos make this album more star studded and musically diverse than their previous album, Culture. Tracks like “Made Men” and “Stir Fry” give the best examples of how the group can switch up their style but remain the same. With the album having so much hype surrounding it, it was only right that the Migos went all out with the features. The trio was able to reconnect with Drake after years since the 2013 hit “Versace” and put together an instant hit with the song “Walk it Talk it. Which obviously I’m not mad it because Drake has always been one of my favorite artists. But let it not distract us from what the group could have done better. Even Highsnobiety review agreed saying, “Some of these songs are worth your time, some are even great, but there’s a fair amount of mindless filler that makes it real a drag to have to listen to.”

Its lyrics are so dumb that it rhymes “face” with “lame” and finishes and starts each verse with repeating phrases. Reviewing this album was really a test of my patience. It is almost two hours of bad rap, and many songs run over five minutes long. Some instrumentals are enjoyable, but the lyrics just mess everything up for me. I just can’t take it seriously. Maybe that’s the point of it, but if that is the case, I just wouldn’t even bother. But still bless up and listen to the previous ‘Culture’ which is nominated for a grammy.