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The DREAM Act: When Will Republicans and Democrats Compromise?

The DREAM act was introduced by former president Barack Obama to give undocumented immigrant students an opportunity to become citizens of the United States. The major concern with the DREAM act is that the current government can’t seem to agree on passing the act or not passing it.

If the DREAM act is passed, it would give millions of young immigrants citizenship and prevent them from getting deported. Some arguments against the DREAM act have been that the act might encourage more illegal immigration to the US and gives citizenship as a reward for illegal immigration.

Recently, President Trump has talked about passing the DREAM act in exchange for a border wall. BHS student Lesly R. said, “The fact that President Trump wants to use the DREAM act as a way to build the wall, in my opinion, is rather undermining the DREAM act. Sure, the immigrants came here illegally. But they just want a better life. People apply for this document because they have earned it and it will help them achieve their goals in life.”  

Putting opinions and beliefs aside, their must be a decision to whether the act will pass or not.