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Girls Varsity Basketball Gets the Win on Friday!

Last Friday, the Burnsville Girls Varsity Basketball team was up against Eagan. Throughout the game, the intensity increased every minute. Points came pretty close towards the end.

For most of the game, Burnsville had a pretty good lead on the Eagan team. Burnsville did a great job of communicating and passing the ball, trying to create the best play. Multiple two point shots were taken from Burnsville.

The refs for the game seemed pretty biased. Some clear fouls weren’t seen, some calls needed to be made, etc. The crowd for Burnsville saw multiple things that weren’t called on Eagan, but were called on Burnsville. This caused a little bit of frustration from the parents of Burnsville.

After halftime ended, Burnsville was ahead by almost 20+ points. But in the 3rd quarter of the game, Eagan suddenly stepped up their game. Every now and then, Eagan would be behind Burnsville by 10 points or less after being behind by almost 20 for the entirety of the game.

Burnsville worked hard to keep Eagan in the dust. Although the girls were tired, they pushed through and kept scoring as many points as they could. Taking shots that they didn’t always think would make it in the hoop. The game ended with a win for Burnsville.