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Snow week to start next week.

Soon, BHS will have its annual Snow Week starting from January 27 and it will conclude on February 3rd. There will be a dress up day from Monday to Friday so here they are along with sports games and other events

Monday: Pajama Day, morning assembly, volleyball game 6-9 pm at BHS

Tuesday: Throwback Day

Wednsday: Jersey Day, Boot Hockey 6-9pm at Neill Park

Thursday: Career Dress Up Day

Friday: Neon Day, boys basketball game vs Shakopee 7-9pm

On Saturday at the beginning of Snow Week, there will be a Dodgeball game at BHS from 9am until noon. On the last day of Snow Week, there will be a Neon Dance from 8-11:30pm at the BHS gym. Tickets are $10 each but it’s free for people who have a Team Wrist Band. I hope everybody has fun!