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Review: The Chi

The Chi, broadcasted on Showtime, had it’s first episode Jan. 7, and has been been a response to the president’s demonization of Chicago. The Chi has vibrant characters and shows the real people behind the headlines and that Chicago’s people are much more than  crime rate. The show circles around how four families become connected when a sudden death erupts in the neighbourhood. Circling around kids in middle school, young adults, and parents that are mourning the death of two young boys and shows what each decide what they’re going to do about the situation.

The season premiere starts off with Coogie finding a dead body and stealing off him. Once he gets caught and is getting interrogated, the cops believe him. But the father of the deceased sees the necklace Coogie stole off him kid and shot him outside a corner store. This event connected half a dozen families without them ever knowing. The young kids that attend school nearby see the shooting and one of them, Kevin, tells Coogie’s older brother, Brandon, who shot him. It ends with Brandon finding out where the old man lives and contemplating whether he should do something about him.

The Chi’s pilot is gripping and is also one of the few black dramas on TV now, or ever. All the characters are relatable. Just like Kevin debating how to deal with the escalating crime around him, he also struggles to learn the words to a song from The Wiz for the school play which he’s only joined to impress a girl. And just like Brandon trying to be a good brother and being a good example to others but arries much of the show’s emotional weight. Tune in to this amazing show with airs on Showtime at 10pm.