A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Review: First Semester at Burnsville HS

The first semester this year for me was difficult in many ways but was also very easy in many ways. I think it all depends what grade you are in and what classes you have such as honors or college classes or just regular classes. Me myself and I, I am in all regular classes Because honestly, if i ever took any college classes I would not get the credit due to the reason it’s hard for me to get a credit in regular classes.

“This year my hardest class is biology”, I am not the best at learning vocab and in that class you sort of have to teach yourself. “It really depends on the teacher. Science hasn’t really ever been this hard for me til this year. The second class that is difficult for me has always been math class. This year I have Algebra 2 which is actually a pretty easy class it’s just always been hard for me to learn but most of the math teachers are very helpful.

The easiest class I have is English. I have always been strong with English class such as reading books and reflecting on them and also having “speeches are an interest in my which helps with writing and how to talk in front of your classmates. Another class I love is journalism. This class helps a lot with writing essays and how to find the right information and the right sources. Journalism helps alot with how to talk to people also. This reason is because in order to get the right information you should ask people.

Some news this year that dont include classes are pretty negative such as name calling and bathroom fires and many fights. I never really focus on the negatives but this are huge things that have happened in our community that should be solved and i think helped kids learn. Our community has also had positives such as no bullying week and pep fest and good communication between others.

Our first semester in all has been difficult but did get better and I think we all can get through this semester. “Many students in my eye work very hard and try their best during school” and keep negative word to themselves.Also some students Learn many new things from bad experiences in our school and help grow our community and the students lives.