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Opinion: ‘SoundCloud rappers’ term should not be coined.

I don’t believe nor like the term, SoundCloud rappers’, and I think it insults the importance and the beauty of the company. SoundCloud just like any media gets used by the untalented, but there are enough talented artistes using SoundCloud to make it enjoyable for us fans and other artists alike. There’s a lot of wack stuff on TV and radio, which is forced on to the audience, SoundCloud doesn’t force anything on anyone, you can choose what you listen to, which is a beautiful feature and also the future of more content. Most importantly, SoundCloud gives talented people with an internet connection regardless of their location, the opportunity to share their material and build a fan base and eventually a career off their platform. It helps many people get mainstream and discovered by other platforms like Tidal, Spotify, and iTunes. And most importantly most of their users can listen to the content they want for free. Unless the producer is uploading it on SoundCloud for some extra coins which isn’t a bad thing.

I’ve discovered many of my favorite music artists on SoundCloud but also found many that I can’t stand like IceJJFish. So don’t address anyone as a SoundCloud rapper, if they’re wack, they’re just that, wack and they happen to upload their stuff on SoundCloud.