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Opinion: Sofia Versalles-Duffert

I’ve known Sofia since 7th grade. Every year her and I get closer and closer as friends and this year has been our closest yet. Since 9th grade, her and I have auditioned for the same things and done almost everything we can together.

She has so much talent that hasn’t been showcased to the rest of the world. She can sing anything and make it better. I terrible song like “watch me whip (nae nae)” could sound like a top chart pop song if she did a cover of it.

She also excels at acting. She’s been apart of almost every show at BHS and has done an amazing job at every role she’s played. Her most exciting and well played role would have to be her role as Eulalie Shinn in “The Music Man.” She was reviewed by Hennepin Spotlight and given the rating of “Outstanding.”

Sofia has also always been good at doing make-up. Recently, she’s started doing tutorials and started separate accounts to showcase her makeup skills. She’s known for having a sharp wing, a polished eyebrow, and a bold lip.

In all honesty, Sofia has been really slept on for almost of her high school career. She has always had a positive energy. She’s a well rounded person and has always been easy to talk to. Overall, she’s a pretty awesome person.