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Golden Globes review

The reputation of the Golden Globes is that they’re the Oscars’ rowdier and weirder cousin, sometimes refreshingly so. While awards season is always the most intense time of year for celebrity fashion, this year the allegations and, in some cases, admissions  of sexual harassment and assault added a far more serious layer of conversation. Women said in advance that wearing black is meant to convey their support for people who have reported abuse. The Time’s Up initiative, aimed at fighting sexual harassment in and outside of Hollywood, also called on women to wear black on the red carpet. “Good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen, For the male stars in the room, this will be the first time in months that it won’t be terrifying to hear your name read out loud.” said Seth Meyers giving his introduction monologue.  

However Twitter took an uprawr. Many people watching the show felt a little odd that Kirk Douglas received a standing ovation after showing a montage of all the best movies he’s been in. For many this seemed okay and quite cool seeing an actor of the age of 100 looking back at all of his movies, but then we remember the night is about, times up. Since Kirk Douglas has been accused of raping Natalie Woods at age sixteen. I mean can we blame twitter for being mad? This night was meant to be focused on standing up for women power and assault, yet the whole room gave a standing ovation to Kirk the accused rapist. Especially since all the speeches that were given, were focused on the times up movement.

The awards that were handed out also seemed very bias, and repetitive. With Big Little Lies receiving four major awards and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri also receiving 4 awards. Many people across social media were frustrated that the awards were repetitive and that many amazing movies did not receive any credit. Overall the Golden Globes seemed to have good intentions but lost sight somewhere along the road, and people aren’t very happy.