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Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week: Oakley

Oakley is an older cat with kidney disease that is approximately five to seven years old. He is on a special medication and food to help treat his kidney disease, but other than that is a very normal and loving cat. He is a tuxedo domestic shorthair that was brought to Secondhand Hounds as a stray from a local animal control. He is now an indoor cat that gives his people all the love he can. As his foster puts it, “Oakley is a big handsome boy with a heart of gold.”

This beautiful boy’s favorite spot is right up on his foster’s work desk where he can get as much attention as he possibly can. He is not typically vocal and only makes a fuss when his foster takes a shower. He will sit and cry until they come back to him. Oakley is dog, cat, and kid friendly and always appreciates a good head scratch. He is constantly purring and needing more attention.

Since Secondhand Hounds does not declaw their cats Oakley is not declawed and loves his scratching post. The reasoning for them being against declawing cats is linked at the bottom of each page of an adoptable cat. Oakley has tried to scratch the furniture in his foster home, but a reprimand and redirection has worked well and he rarely makes mistakes. He also is good with using his litter box and has rarely had an issue with counter jumping.

Oakley’s adoption fee is set at $130 and he can be found on the Secondhand Hounds website under the adopt tab in the cats for adoption page. He is a very sweet and loving boy who would like a home with someone who can love him and can handle giving him his medicated food and his medicine for his kidney disease. He has a non-stop purr box and is waiting for someone to take him to his forever family.