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The Greatest Showman: Plenty of hype, but exceeded expectations.

The movie, “The Greatest Showman” was released Dec. 20. Starring Hugh Jackman, as the lead, Zac Efron, Zendaya, along with many other Hollywood stars. All telling the story of a man named P.T. Bartum.

The story is based around the imagination of P.T. Bartum. In the movie, he is always optimistic about things in his life. He grew up in a poor household. As he grew, he got the girl of his dreams, bought a home and started a family. The movie shows his journey of success and downfall. The movie is an original musical, with an amazing soundtrack.

Throughout the movie, the music that was added, made the movie come alive. Every other scene had a music number, or a solo from one of the stars. The songs were delivered so well by each soloist and ensemble.

The movie had plenty of hype to begin with, but it exceeded my expectations. Megan Bormann, who has seen the movie three times already, has expressed that the movie, “was one of the best movies ever.”

I found the movie to be fantastic. Even for those who don’t necessarily enjoy the art of singing, dancing and performing, I would still recommend the movie because of the positive motives given by the characters in the movie. Overall, 9/10, five stars, 93% on rotten tomatoes, etc.