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My View On Social Media

I think social media today goes from fun, exciting and sometimes inspirational to violence, bullying and making people feel bad about themselves. 2017’s social media has gone pretty downhill from Donald Trump posting his views on Twitter and Logan Paul’s accidental post on YouTube finding a dead person in the woods. Many people are pretty worried about the net neutrality incident which basically supports free internet for people. They are saying they might make people start paying money for social media which in my opinion is a “stupid idea” and they will just lose a lot of users and lose more money than before.

Social media, I feel takes over really anyone’s life and is almost like a drug to people because they are all attached to their phones and it’s hard to take telephones away because of social media. I really don’t understand why people can’t live normally and contact people in person and not over the phone. I think phones are useless unless there is an emergency. Phones also ruin curtain relationships between friends and family, phones give opportunities to hide behind your phone and say whatever you want and hurt people’s personalities and sometimes causes some kids to be abusive to themselves.

Some positives on social media can include important news and emergencies. A lot of new apps also can be dangerous with hackers and girls and guys looking for the wrong thing from young people. Those people who are hackers could figure out where you live and all information about you and that can be very dangerous so my opinion is to be careful with who you friend and follow on social media. There is a site saying that “nearly two thirds of the U.S. get hacked.”

Social media is now one of the most popular things in our generation and was really created in our century and I can honestly see why it’s so hard to keep away from it. Almost every person I know have social media — including my grandparents. I think it takes away bonding with your friends and family. Now, hanging out with friends is really only you and your friend sitting there on your phone. I think it takes away the point of hanging out and bonding with people.

Honestly I think the way people are in this century with their phones is sad including hiding from people not talking in person and causing dangerous stuff to happen such as car accidents with texting and driving. I think I could go without social media for the rest of my life or possibly use it a lot less and focus on the more important things in life. Social media also causes a lot of cheating and just not paying attention to people because it is such a distraction. My final thought is to use it less and enjoy life and not staring at your phone 24/7.