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Burnsville Spotlight, Featured

Ariana Cherland: Hardworking, successful and motivated.

Ariana Cherland, a sophomore here at Burnsville High School, has always been destined for success. She is always ready to help out others and makes sure to keep up with her extracurricular activities. After getting to know her and become good friends since last year, I’ve realized how much of a motivated person Ariana is. When asked what motivates her to do great in school, Ariana answered, “I want to exceed in school because I want to use my education to create a better environment for the world and to do greatness. And that is what motivates me to always do better in school.”

The sixteen year old is also involved in many clubs and still manages to have fun. “No matter what, I always make sure to make time for things that make me happy. It’s hard to always think like there’s no tomorrow but I try to because then I am able to make bad days look better. Even with all the Clubs that I have to attend, I try to implement fun activities so I’m living like there’s no tomorrow.” Cherland says. She thinks Burnsville is the best school and talks very highly of her fellow classmates and teachers. Her love for helping others has always stuck with her and is the reason she’s very kind to everyone around her. If Cherland isn’t at school, she’s probably hanging out with her friends.

Congrats to Ariana Cherland for her hardwork and success at this school!