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Student Spotlight: Will Alvey

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing William Alvey for student spotlight. Alvey is in many clubs and activities here at Burnsville. “I am president of the theatre guild, in Future Teachers of America, and I am in Youth in Government.” He not only is the president of the theatre guild, but he also sings and acts on stage.

When I interviewed a few of his friends, most of them met him in theatre. “He’s the President in Theatre Guild, and I’m the VP,” said Megan Bormann, “we went to the same middle school and have been in a LOT of shows together.” When asked his favorite part of attending Burnsville High School, he replied: “My favorite part of BHS has to be the diversity and above-average acceptance and non-judgement that the student body presents. We are a really strong community, and whenever we face a tough situation, I feel that we can really connect as a community. We can get through anything!” I also was able to talk to Riley Pester, a junior. “One thing I really admire about Will is the way he carries himself. He just has so much confidence.” Olivia Bendickson, senior and Burnsville Voice writer, said “my favorite thing about Will is how he just clicks with people. He can just walk up to anyone and automatically get along with them.”

Will plans to attend Depaul University in Chicago and hopes to be accepted. He hopes to pursue Spanish and maybe Political Science.

Out of all the people interviewed, only one person did not bring up one of Will’s favorite things to do. He can drop his voice a full octave and speak in a bass voice, which is a high contrast from his regular speaking voice. “I don’t really know how it happens or how it came to happen, but I just realized one day that my voice can drop an octave.”

When asked if he could relive one grade year and why, he gave one of the best answers possible; “7th grade so I could tweeze my unibrow.”

Will in general is an amazing student, and brings hope for our future world. Keep doing you, dude!