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Girls hockey on an excellent start this season.

This year seems to be a pretty good year for the girls hockey team. It seems they have at least two to three games a week according to their schedule. I talked to Kennedy Anderson who is on varsity and is one of the captains. She says she loves hockey because her ¨teammates are like a family to her¨ and it ¨gives them all something fun to do and something to look forward to everyday¨ and she ¨loves the competitiveness and really pushes people to their limits.”

Anderson also said she has “been playing hockey since she could walk.” She said the reason she started was because her dad loves the sport and pushed all the kids in her family to take skating lessons, her position in hockey is right wing. In hockey each team has a most of 6 players out on the ice at a time; three forwards, a left wing, right wing and a center. The three players usually stick to their sides of the ice on the rink and try to score. That’s really all the positions in hockey and what they do.

These girls show a lot of strength and show that not only boys play hockey but girls can too and that they work really hard and a lot of them have done this since they were little. I’ve only seen the sport in Minnesota and really any cold areas, I say this because I’ve visited other places in the U.S. and have not seen one sign of hockey so I think us Minnesotans are pretty lucky to have this sport. This sport, I found, is very popular to watch and I find very fun and interesting to watch especially if you have friends in it!

Girls hockey has won six games, has lost three and has tied with one game. The captains this year are Kennedy Anderson, Abby Tucci and Emily Howard. Also this year’s coaches are Tracy Cassano, Mark Cassano, Lee Engstrom and Wyatt Anderson.

I suggest if you want to do hockey or be involved in some way to volunteer to help them with certain things such as getting people to come see their games. I used to go to the varsity games with my friends and it’s super fun to watch how intense they are and how much they work for their teammates. Hockey is a very good team building sport and a good way to bond with different people.